We made our stand. We saw it out.
The fire in our eyes lit the way and we followed.
We stepped above the game. Finessed the rules and made it our own.
Pushed it further, broke through and carved it into history.

We’re undefinable. Everything. Everywhere. All time.
A culture tapped into the current with our sights on the future.
The spark pulsing through your body telling you to make your move.
The voice that became an anthem and made a movement.

It’s not you and us, it’s one. We never saw it any other way.
Intuition set us into motion, we took the path and wrote our fate.
We’re knocking down the day. Turning into stars in the night sky.
Come daybreak we’ll have the world at our feet.

Every dream.
Every moment.
Side by side.
Doing it the only way we know how —
True to us, true to our nature.

Nike AU Collection Campaign by us.