25 Years of Nike Tuned Air.
The past is what shapes the future.
Without what was, what will be cannot exist.

Unassuming, really. If you know you know.
Deep suburbia, Australiana.
Steaming cement and quiet streets.

Out the front, there’s a telephone booth.
Enter the corner store.
Nostalgia makes sense to the day ones.

It’s for the culture.
Enter through yellow PVC plastic strips.
Tuned Air reimagined.

The new age, the Gen Z, contemporary spec.
Digital homages.
Art installations, ones from across the globe.
For the culture.

Local talent playing local beats, from the areas.

CCTV cameras looping us all, a livestream in action.
Locals boys throw up, bomb over the top, they’re allowed here.

The space is theirs.
It’s ours.
For the culture.